Developing your Human Capital in the service of your performance: our history

The watchword at ARANSI

Include people as a key factor in the company’s success.

Simplify the work of professionals, provide the appropriate expertise to enable all employees to move on the path of their empowerment and focus on tasks with high added value for the company.

Our values

ARANSI is driven by strong values to which all employees of our firm must adhere



We pay particular attention to creating a climate of trust favorable to creativity and to a qualitative response to our clients.



Our approach allows us to adapt as closely as possible to the context and needs of our clients.



Respect is a pivotal value for ARANSI because it also encompasses the notion of integrity (respect for commitments made) and the permanent concern for employees and clients.



We respect a professional ethics to which we are very attached in our practices.

The management team

Romain COUTANT, CEO Founder


CEO Founder


Engineer in computer science and telecommunications in the ESIR of Rennes, majoring in promotion, Romain began his career in Canada where he participated in various innovative projects with one of the largest banking institutions in North America.

After a successful career as a manager of teams and projects within large international groups, Romain created ARANSI to support his clients in the success of their projects.

With ARANSI, Romain works with multidisciplinary teams in companies of various sizes, from SMEs to large international groups, who attest to their trust.

Rich in his experience and ability to always look openly at the world, he has become convinced that People and Innovation are the main assets of companies for the present and the future.

Anxious to transmit, raise awareness and maintain a link with the new generations, Romain with the ARANSI team has engaged in various teaching actions with University Centres. These exchanges allow him to continue his reflections and his questioning.

Within ARANSI, Romain works with openness and flexibility to develop Human Capital, a vision that carries him on a daily basis. His mission: to include people as a key factor in the company's success and to simplify the work of professionals.

Christine COUTANT, Trainer and Coach

Christine COUTANT

Trainer and ACC Certified Professional Coach (Associate Certified Coach) by the International Coach Federation and Process Communication Model® by Kahler Communication France


After several years in the service of consumer safety in pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, Christine has been working at ARANSI since 2014 as a professional coach, certified ACC (ICF) and then Process Communication (Kahler) and trainer in management and communications at the service of men and women in companies, from executives to managers.

Involved in coaching managers and entrepreneurs for several years, Christine works to strengthen the leadership of her clients and the question of meaning is at the heart of her practice.
Dynamic, empathetic and curious, she is looking to evolve with teams and people she accompanies with openness, benevolence and creativity to enable them to enhance their talents and their potential.

Christine also acts as co-chair of the ICF Côte d'Azur branch and a member of the Welead Coaching Network, a quality network whose values she shares.

The genesis


This is the story of a passion: that of a job well done, by people for people.


Romain founds ARANSI.
He then supports his clients in missions of strategic and organisational counseling, assistance in project management and piloting of sensitive and complex projects.


ARANSI becomes a training organisation with the creation of the Training/Coaching entity.


ARANSI decides to refocus its activity and development in its areas of expertise: Consulting and Professional Coaching and Training.
ARANSI in particular displays 15 years of expertise in the HR line, in direct contact with the hierarchy and teams.
This experience, combined with a questioning and stepping back approach, ensure its ability to adapt as closely as possible to the needs or requests expressed by its clients.


ARANSI launches the Ask'n Get offer (an innovative platform for digitising the consulting offer) and at the same time reinforces its international presence.


Let us innovate and invent the future by creating new ways to accompany you toward success