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ARANSI, international firm for Human Capital Development, supports companies in improving team performance in connection with their strategy

Profound economic changes and new regulations bring about a necessary adaptation of companies to new environments. On top of everything, course alterations, a changing context and the definition of new projects.

Are you facing new strategic choices but your employees’ participation does not always follow ? Is their availability limited by workload? Do they appear to be less motivated, stressed, disorganised? Are you noticing poor feedback, the interactions among employees being affected at all levels of the company, a loss of efficiency in your teams?

Taking your employees into account must evolve and you can rethink it to fully integrate them in the company’s approach and thus optimally control your costs.

Boost your company’s profitability by valuing your human capital.

Contact our Consulting, Training and Professional Coaching Firm now and develop your human capital to serve your performance1.

1 Low employee morale cost businesses in France € 60 billion according to the Gallup Organisation in 2013.

Build Your success with our Consulting and Training Firm in the present... for Your future!

Because the future is being built today, ARANSI is at your service to support you in empowering and developing your employees for the success of your projects and the performance of your company.

Our offers:

ARANSI Consulting

Diagnosis and consulting in team management and project management

  • Domains :
    - Team management
    - Project management
  • Offers :
    - « Sonar »: an overview and analysis of the circulation and sharing of information, teamwork and organisation of people to improve efficiency
    - « Radar »: a picture of the operation of a project to assess its effective functioning and consider the best way to take to ensure success
    - « Beacon »: support and strategic and operational consulting to improve the operation of teams and projects in connection with the company’s objectives
  • What we offer you:
    - A snapshot of the operation
    - A necessary hindsight
    - A response adapted to the context
    - Assistance in optimising the operation of teams and projects

ARANSI Training/Coaching

Optimising the organisation of teams in alignment with the company’s development strategy

  • Target audiences:
    - Executive / Management team
    - Line managers / Transverse managers
  • Offers:
    - « At the helm »: personalised support for executives / management teams to allow them to invent or re-invent their organisation in connection with their company’s development strategy
    - « Crew »: original and agile support of teams in achieving their autonomy and efficiency in the service of collective performance
    - « Navigation »: personalised organisational support for the entire decision-making chain to achieve collective objectives and success
  • What we offer you:
    - Qualified experts in coaching executives and managers
    - Varied offers targeted to your needs
    - A pragmatic and structured approach
    - Creative and adapted tools

The Aransi +

Qualified experts in their domains.

A global and flexible approach in Human Capital development in areas of complementary expertise.

A qualitative approach that makes the difference.

An innovative service platforme to support our actions at our clients.

We support and build customer loyalty as well by our professionalism and respect for our values and commitments for nearly 10 years in a win-win approach.

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